April 2011. Humble. And grassy.

It could happen to you:  one afternoon you’re sitting on your back step with a cup of tea, perusing your backyard acres and ruefully contemplating just how long it’s going to take to mow that much grass, when it comes to you.  You don’t have to mow it.  You could turn that grass into a market garden instead.  It would cut down dramatically on the mowing, after all.  You’d just need a few raised boxes, perhaps, say…40 boxes at 2 metres by 4 metres?  That should suffice if you want to sell some produce.  And you’d need to fill them with soil, of course.  And compost.  And blend it all up and add some organic fertilizer.  And you’d need to seed everything with appropriately scheduled rotation crops for maximum production and have a portable greenhouse or two, cobbled together from old Costco shelter frames and fitted with heat-activated windows… yep, that’d fill the space nicely.   And then hey presto! –no need to mow a thing.