When you become a farmer, and thereby broke, never underestimate the power of Craigslist.  It’s become a useful tool in populating Horse Drawn Farms with that marvel of marvels: free stuff.  Like most surburban Gen X-ers, I spent most of my early shopping  years equating free stuff with junk.  If it was sitting out at the end of someone’s driveway, that’s what it was.  Junk.  But poverty has enlightened me.  No more shall those odds and ends of lumber, old chairs and busted up vacuum cleaners be passed by with upturned nose.  I’ve become that weirdo in the ball cap, cruising the suburbs in my pickup truck at ten kilometres an hour, peering at the wonderful potentials of Spring Clean Up Week.  Those mountains of delight!  Those caverns of treasure!  And Craigslist….ah, bless dear Craigslist.  No street prowling required, you simply scroll through the offerings for what you might need.   Thus, HDF was able to procure some raised beds, pre-assembled and in perfect shape.  And greenhouse bits, how wonderful.  The frame from an old car shelter from a backyard.  The poly from a hothouse producer replacing his covers.  And lumber of all shapes and sizes to hold everything together.  Yes, farmers: free is easy, and free is beautiful.

April 2011.A free car shelter frame. The dog wasn't free, he cost us a fortune.

April 2011. Filling the free boxes from Craiglist: a soil blend over the double-dug bases.