Horse Drawn Farms is, as yet, a small affair.  Small enough that one of us still has to stump out the door to work for someone else each morning–bills must be paid.  But HDF is growing…oh yes.   It’s growing and it just might make it.  For us, the shock of this discovery came when we counted the ripening cucumbers in the greenhouse on a summer afternoon.  Seventy-five.    Those seventy-five cucumbers and a whole pile of up-and-coming buds startled us into realising it was already time for our first vegetable market.   There was bounty all around us, way too much for us to possibly consume alone…the squash, the tomatoes, the beans…we needed to sell some of this stuff.  After all, that was the whole point of growing it, we thought, but we were still surprised we had actually succeeded.

It was a humble affair.  It was us, sitting at a table at the end of the driveway with a scale and a cash box.  A far cry, perhaps, from the slot at the Farmers’ Market we had envisioned.  There was no bold vinyl banner proclaiming our identity, no fancy vegetable cart with our wares angled to the light for best appreciation.  But people came–oh, they came all right.  We sold most of what was laid out that day, and much, much more in latter days.  Customers began coming down the driveway for the tomatoes, sign or no sign, and when we finally wanted a cucumber for a salad, there was one hell of a search in the greenhouse to find one (albeit it WAS in the dark with a flashlight.)

Horse Drawn Farms is on its way.

The cucumbers sold out first.