...it's here...

It happens to everyone, but on a farm it’s scary.  Suddenly, the year changes and everything is imminent.  How easy it is to be cavalier   when the old calendar is still on the wall, well marked, dishevelled, a ripped nail-hole or two.  But when the new year is staring you in the face, the icy January image (ok, well, on my calendar it’s giraffes, but they look cold) hung up in the office, then it’s real.  It’s real that the sheep aren’t just fat, they’re getting ready to lamb and the lambing stalls must be prepared for twelve new lives.   It’s real that the greenhouse, well-ensconced in the sodden old weeds of winter and with a green tinge well established across its windows, now needs to be moved and cleaned for this spring’s crop rotation. It’s real that eggs will soon be carefully collected for an early hatch, rabbit kittens and baby goats born and a green flush will come to pass over the land.  And there are still the fences to mend, field shelters to re-roof, garden boxes to build, seeds to purchase, composts to blend.  Isn’t that sign painted?  Where’s my new produce stand?

Spring arrives quickly here on the west coast–we’re heading up the first hill of the roller coaster.  And here at HDF, we wouldn’t want it any other way.